What Should You Do If Your Cat Fell Down Stairs?

If your cat falls down stairs, it’s essential to diagnose the reason for the accident.

Some cats will be simply OK. Others will be writhing around in emotional distress.

If your cat is behaving abnormally, consult a veterinarian. So, what should you do if your cat fell down stairs?

If you accidentally drop your cat down stairs, then it’s important to get your cat to the vet as soon as possible. While cats usually survive falls from a short height, they can still incur injuries that can cause serious health problems.

Furthermore, the longer a cat is motionless, the higher the risk of death. Therefore, you should take your cat to the vet as soon as possible.

You should also have your cat examined for internal injuries. Finally, it’s important that you stop any bleeding from your cat’s wounds to prevent further damage.

If you ever drop your cat down stairs, then keep these tips in mind.

What Should You Do If Your Cat Fell Down Stairs?

Install Carpet Near or on the Stairs

If your cat tumbled down the stairs, then there’s a good chance that it hit the stairs on the way down.

Carpeting is much superior at muffling a fall than hardwood or tile flooring is.

It is one of the greatest additions to your staircase safety plan as it can help prevent further injury to your feline friend when it falls down steps.

It can also help to prevent you from hurting yourself as well when you go down your staircase at night.

Carpet can also protect your floors from being scratched up by claws of cats or other animals who may wander into your apartment or home when your door is open.

Teach Your Cat to Use the Stairs

If your cat tumbled down the stairs, teach it to use the stairs again by rewarding it whenever it does use the stairs instead of jumping on them and tumbling back down them.

Most cat owners will install a stair carpet runner for the safety of their cats and to prevent injuries that the cat may suffer if they fall down the stairs.

There may be times when your cat sees the opportunity to jump down the steps rather than walk over them or climb them.

This is normal behavior for a cat. However, teaching the cat to use the steps again can prevent accidents in the future. It’s essential that you encourage good behavior so that it doesn’t fall down the same stairs again.

Also, you should ensure that it’s not drinking excessively before climbing the steps; this can cause it to slip and fall while climbing the steps.

Examine for Injuries

When a cat falls down stairs, it can cause broken bones, head trauma, and internal bleeding or bruising.

It is preferable to take your pet to the veterinarian immediately to get these injuries and other problems checked out and treated.

If the vet says it’s OK to go home, then there are some things that you can do at home to help your pet recover quickly.

However, if the vet recommends that you take the pet back for further treatment, then you should comply immediately with the recommendation to ensure that the pet recovers fully from its injuries.

Visit a Veterinarian for a Thorough Examination

The best course of action after a pet has sustained an injury is to visit a veterinarian for a thorough examination and treatment plan.

The vet will have years of training and experience with treating pets who have been injured in accidents like falling down stairs.

The vet will examine your pet to check for broken bones and other serious injuries. The vet will also take x-rays to look for fractures and other problems that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

The vet may also recommend additional testing if the x-ray results indicate the need for further evaluation by a specialist.

The doctor may recommend surgery to correct the problem if it is severe enough that the pet cannot recover on its own or the dog’s quality of life will be greatly diminished without treatment.

Internal injuries that you may overlook include bleeding, torn organs, and shock from blood loss.

Install a Stair Gate Right Away

When it comes to pets, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye and before you know it, your cat can have fallen down the stairs or off the bed.

It may become a natural inclination for them to nibble at plants — after all, plants are part of the outdoors.

This is why basic training isn’t optional when it comes to your pet’s safety.

Installing a stair gate at the entryway of a room will help keep your dog from slipping down the stairs.

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If your cat has fallen off the bed and hurt its tail or back, it’s important to act fast.

It is a difficult situation for any pet owner to go through but knowing what to do and what signs to look for can help ensure a quick recovery for your furry friend.

While it is challenging, you must make sure the situation is under control before calling your vet so that your pets injury can be properly assessed and treatment can begin immediately.

These precautions will keep your cat safe and help it recover from the trauma of its accident much faster.

Otherwise, it’s possible for the cat’s health to deteriorate quickly from internal bleeding or shock.

Be cautious and follow these tips if your cat is hurt, no matter what the cause was.

If you respond quickly, the cat’s health will not suffer further injuries or infections from moving it and you’ll be able to get help from the vet right away.