Why Does My Cat Walk In Circles Around Me?

Your cat’s behavior can be very puzzling.

After all, your mane and tail seem fine. However, your feline seems to walk in circles around you.

This may be because your kitten’s behavior is perfectly normal. So, why does my cat walk in circles around me?

Cats have a reputation for being very smart animals, and this trait extends to their walking habits. Cats tend to walk in circles when they want your attention.

They do this by walking in circles around you until you notice them or give them attention. This behavior may stem from a cat’s natural hunting instincts.

Cats walk this way to flush out their prey and catch their dinner. However, many cats end up walking in circles around their owners because they want to play!

This behavior can also happen when you’re petting your cat or playing with it. Cats go crazy when they know you’re having fun with them.

Why Does My Cat Walk In Circles Around Me?

Ear Infection

Cats’ ears, like those of other mammals, are self-cleaning for the most part.

When your cat’s ears are infected, they may develop ear mites.

These tiny parasites burrow into the eardrum and cause inflammation.

As a result, cats with ear mites will rub their ears a lot in an effort to remove these pests. This rubbing may cause the ear to bleed.

If the scratching persists, you may notice your cat circling around your ear or face frequently.

Like with humans, ear mites are contagious and can spread quickly to other pets in your home.

Other symptoms of an ear infection in your kitty include redness in the ear canal, excessive head shaking, bloody discharge from the ears, and the odor of yeast in the ears.

Hyperesthesia Syndrome

Hyperesthesia Syndrome, commonly known as the “circling disease” in cats, is a condition in which a cat begins to walk around in circles repeatedly for no apparent reason.

When rubbed on the back, the skin of affected cats becomes hypersensitive to touch and may react by jerking away suddenly as if in pain or even biting the person.

The reason of Hyperesthesia Syndrome, according to veterinarians, is an abnormal connection between nerves in the skin and the brain of the animal.

Head Injury

Cats are inherently inquisitive, and they may explore their surroundings through licking or chewing on anything they find interesting.

A blow to the head when falling, fighting with another cat, or being hit by a car can cause injury to your pet’s brain or other vital body parts.

Head traumas in cats may induce confusion or even disorientation which will cause the animal to walk around in circles.

Vestibular Disease

This is a sickness that cats get that causes them to walk in a circle because of damage to the inner ears.

Vestibular illness is characterized with the inability to balance due to disorders of the vestibular system.

This causes the cat to wander in circles, especially when it is confronted with new surroundings, such as when you are introducing it to a new home.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure increases blood flow to the brain and other vital organs in the body, causing dizziness in affected animals.

Cats that are overweight, obese, or suffer from hyperthyroidism are prone to high blood pressure.

Visible vision issues, disorientation, and loss balance are some symptoms that your feline friend will display when suffering from hypertension.

Establishing Dominance

A cat does not see itself in relation to other cats and considers itself as the boss of any territory it occupies.

Cats see themselves as equals to dogs and treat each other as such too.

In inter-cat interactions, dominance behaviors usually arise when cats are confined in small areas such as a cage or a crate.

The dominant cat is dictating the rules and is not letting the subordinate one access food or water.

Excited to See You

This might be a hint that you are coming home early from work or are out late on weekends.

Cats often express their enthusiasm by physical means like walking around the house excitedly and meowing loudly to alert you that they are waiting for you.

In this instance, you are probably the reason for their excitement.

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Final Words

When your cat wanders in circles, it does not necessarily mean that there is something physically wrong with your furry buddy.

They might just be pleased to see you, or they might be feeling threatened. Because they are in new surroundings such as a new environment or an unfamiliar home.

An underlying health issue, such as an ear infection, high blood, or cat cancer may be present as well.

So, the next time your cat is going around in circles around you, do not fret too much.

In such instances, you should take your feline friend to the vet for a thorough checkup to make sure there is nothing wrong with him/her.