Why Is Your Cat Not Eating After Spay?

Your cat’s health is a top priority. If she has trouble eating after being spayed or neutered, she may have an infection or other health problem. Since it’s difficult to find information on why your cat isn’t eating, here’s what you should look at. Let’s start now. Is It Normal For A Cat To Not … Read more

My Cat’s Meow Is Weak And Raspy

My cat’s meow is weak and raspy because my cat has an upper respiratory infection. When my cat’s upper respiratory infection flares up, her meow is weak and raspy and sounds like she is struggling to breathe. So, Why is my cat’s meow weak and raspy? What should you do if your cat’s meow is … Read more

Cat Farts Smell Like Death?

Cat farts stink like death? It’s true! At least according to one study which found that felines fart out a chemical called trimethylamine when we die. The study also suggests that the gas comes from cats’ digestive systems breaking down the complex molecules in dead flesh. The researchers haven’t figured out why cats fart more … Read more

Is your Maine Coon Overweight?

Maine Coons, like other cats that you may have at home, tend to become overweight if you do not control their diet. Eating so much fat and meat a day can put your pet’s life at risk, and you should try to avoid it. To meet the objectives, you know why your Maine Coon is … Read more