How Much Sleep Should A Maine Coon Have?

If you have a Maine Coon, it’s likely that both you and your pet are feeling the effects of this feline’s large size. Larger animals need more time to sleep than smaller animals, which is why many Maine Coons need up to 16 hours of sleep. This can be difficult for some cat owners who just want their pets to relax when they’re home.

Although some cats can meet all of their needs through activities on their own, it is necessary to provide extra help for larger pets most of the time. This is especially true for Maine Coons, which typically need around 16 hours of sleep regularly.

Do Maine Coons Sleep Longer Than Other Cat Breeds?

Do Maine Coons Sleep Longer Than Other Cat Breeds?

Maine Coon cats do need more sleep than most other cat breeds. This is because the coat of a Maine Coon is very thick and plush, which traps heat to keep their body warm. Not only that, but their large size means that they have a relatively large body surface area compared to people and smaller cat breeds; this means they lose internal heat faster than smaller animals. This means that your cat needs long periods of rest to balance out his internal temperature levels.

  • Do Maine Coons need a minimum of 13 hours of sleep per day other cat breeds?

The answer is a definite no. Maine Coons can sleep more, but they definitely shouldn’t sleep more than 11 hours a day. By sleeping less than 11 hours, your cat will be sleeping with his internal temperature too low and may suffer from lethargy and lack of coordination.

Why Do Maine Coons Sleep So Much?

Maine Coon cats sleep at least 16 hours per day. This is much more than most other breeds, which usually sleep about 8-12 hours per day. What’s more, they also like to nap throughout the day, but this is generally during short rest periods (1-2 hours) rather than throughout their daily routine.

Maine Coons’ large size is why they sleep so much; their metabolism burns plenty of calories each day, just keeping their massive bodies moving. Their broad shoulders are another factor that requires more energy input.

Maine Coons are unique among domesticated cats in many ways. Their average resting period is about 17 hours per day. This can be explained by the high amount of energy they burn each day.

The metabolism of this breed is normal, but its large body size and great appetite give it an extra boost at the start and end of the day. This accounts for their massive appetite and long daily food consumption. In addition, the sleeping brain needs time to regenerate and re-calibrate itself during sleep.

When Might A Maine Coon Sleep Too Much?  

If your Maine Coon cat sleeps more than the typical sixteen hours a day, owners should not necessarily start worrying.

  • Health Problems

A cat sleeping more than the typical sixteen hours a day might signal that it is not feeling well. There are several reasons for this. For example, your cat might have gotten into something toxic and gotten sick. Also, your cat’s immune system might be down, which would make it hard for the cat to fight off infections and illnesses. Another possibility is that your Maine Coon might be suffering from kidney and liver problems (common in older cats). Finally, there could be something seriously wrong with your Maine Coon’s heart or lungs if the animal was sleeping more than usual.

  • Behavioral Problems

A year-end vet checkup is when many cat owners start to worry about behavioral issues in their cats. This is when they notice that their cats are sleeping much more than usual. However, it is important to note that if your cat suddenly starts sleeping more than usual, it could be a side effect of something. For example, your cat may be suffering from a mental illness, such as anxiety disorder; in this case, it would explain why it suddenly started sleeping more than usual without any sign of anxiety in the owner’s home.

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Do Maine Coons Sleep More As Kittens Or Adults?

No one knows for sure how many hours a day a Maine Coon sleeps, but we do know that they sleep more like kittens than adults. This is because they have a lot more to grow and develop when they’re young, and their energy levels also tend to be higher. Maine Coon sleeping habits to find out if they sleep more when they’re kittens or adults.

This is especially true of kittens, who are more active during their waking hours than adult cats are. Kittens may move around or even play for small parts of the day. As they grow older, their sleep patterns will change, becoming more like those of an adult cat who spends most of the day sleeping and only wakes up for periods of activity.

Kittens need about 12-14 hours of sleep per day, while adults need 8-10 hours. So that means kitties sleep more than adult cats. However, once an adult cat reaches the age of about one year old, their sleeping schedule remains more or less the same for the rest of their lives.

Are Maine Coon Cats Lazy?

Are Maine Coon Cats Lazy?

Some people might think that Maine Coon cats are too lazy to exercise, unwilling to play with their owners, and only want to rest. However, these myths are simply untrue. The Maine Coon cat is an active breed that can live up to 15+ years old with good care.

Maine Coon cats are very intelligent and form strong bonds with their owners, who get along well with the breed. The Maine Coon breed requires a home that is quiet and relaxing, just like a human’s. They enjoy being indoors and have no problem adjusting to a new home easily, especially if they have been active in their previous homes.

Why Do Maine Coons Sleep On Their Backs?

Maine Coons prefer to sleep on their backs. First of all, Maine Coons are known for their high intellect and love to play with people and toys. In addition, they are very curious by nature and can even be trained to do tricks. Because of this behavior, they sleep most of the time on their backs, which is the position that makes them the most comfortable and leaves their paws free for playing and grabbing toys. Another reason why they sleep this way is that it helps any airway obstructions to clear them out.


Maine Coons usually sleep peacefully on their own or with a spouse or family member. Still, if an owner leaves for a longer period than usual, your Maine Coon might begin sleeping this way as well if he feels anxious about your departure.