How To Tell If Your Cat Is Part Maine Coon?

Do you have a cat as a pet? Are you confused whether it is Maine coon or not? Then do not worry because there are several things that can tell you whether the cat that you have is a Maine coon or not. There may be some people who may not have the idea about what Maine coon is? It is the cat breeds that have a distinctive physical appearance and also have valuable hunting skills. There are certain ways through which you will get the answer to your doubt. People often take their cats for the genetic test, but the thing is, even that is not 100% certain.

So, if there are so many uncertainties for this matter, how will the owner determine the breed of their cat? How will you be able to tell what breed it is? If you talk about the Part Maine Coons, you need to know that it comes in all sizes and shapes. There are many things that can determine the gene; if you want, then you can analyze that by the cat’s tail, fur, eyes, paws, personality, ear tuffs, and even body fame. If you do the genetic testing, it will help you identify whether the cat you own is a mixed Maine coon or not.

Is Your Cat Part Maine Coon?

Is Your Cart Part Maine Coon?

When you purchase the cat and try to determine whether the cat is a purebred Maine coon or the part Maine coon, then there come many things that you have to consider. Purebred coon is a breed that is very consistent in terms of its nature, personality, and size. If you think that your cat is a purebred Maine coon then there is some description of your body, and some of those are:

  • Size- The sizes of the main coons are way larger than the other breeds of cats and have a weight of 25 lbs.
  • Tail- The tail of the coon is bushy and large.
  • Eyes-  Large wide eyes that have slightly oblique
  • Ears- the ears of the lynx-like ear tufts.

There are many more things that you can consider if you want to know whether the cat you have is coon or not, and if you want to know more about that, then you can check this out!!

How to Tell If Your Cat is Part Maine Coon? 

There are several things that can be considered that will help you in determining your own purebred or part Maine coon by their physical traits, and if you want to know about those traits that will help you with the things mentioned below-


Maine coon is the largest domesticated cat breed in the whole world and is larger in size than the normal cat that you see on the streets. These cats are normally larger than some small dogs that you see. The physical size of the coon car breed is- height will be 1 to 16 inches in make and 8 to 14 inches females. The cats’ weights are 15to 25 lbs in make and 8 to 12 in females, and if you talk about the length, it will be up to 40 inches in both males and females.


If you talk about the tails of the Maine coon cats, they have long bushy tails larger in size at the base, and till it reaches the tip, it gets narrowed. With time it’s evolved, and that helps them survive in the harsh winter season because their tails keep them warm and wrap their tails around the bodies.

Body Frame

If you have the purebred Maine coons then their body frames will be large muscular, and will be rectangular in shape. They have a very long body, and they also have muscular legs that are medium in length and also proportional to the body.


Another way through which you can confirm that whether the cat you have owned is a part of the Maine coon and that you can do just by eyes. It is because purebred Maine coons will also have large and wide eyes, and these coons also have blue eyes, and it will change by their age. The most desirable color of the eyes of the Maine coon is green or gold. And if you will have the white cat, then you may have noticed that the eyes color will be blue or may have the odd-eye that may have two different colors of eyes.


Another thing that you can consider is the fur of the Maine coon cat ass; the fur of these cats is thick, long, and shaggy. The Maine coon has three coats of fur, two of them are shorter undercoats, and the third one is far long that sits over the two undercoats. If you have the Maine coons then it will have the fur that will be semi-water repellent. That is why it does not like to sit under the dripping tap or even in the rain.


If you want to know whether the cat that you have is Maine coon is purebred or not. If you want to know about that, then you need to look at the cat’s ear closely. Maine coons do not have ear tufts, and these ears are mostly referred to as the ‘lynx tips’ it is because they are similar to the tufts and these Maine coons have lots of hair that are coming out of their ears, and their physical trait has evolved.

Large paws

As the kittens also, you may have noticed that the paws of the Maine coons also have the larger paws. Most people use these cat’s paws as the sign that tells that how big the coon cat will grow and which will fit proportionally. These large paws helped the cats to survive in the winter climates.

Finally, you may have understood from these points whether the cat you have is a Maine coon or not?