Do All Maine Coon Cats Have Ear Tufts?

Maine coon is a cat breed that is very large and sociable. This cat is also known as the gentle giant. This cat has a rectangular body with two coats of uneven hairs; the upper layer of the coat has long hair that protects the inner coat. These cats have a robust bone structure, and prominent ruffs characterize their chest.

What Are Maine Coon Ear Tufts?

Most of the coon cats have long hair coming out of their ears. These hairs protect the inner sensitive part of the cat’s ear from dust, rain, snow, and other environmental factors. Not only the Maine coons, but many other cats also have ear tufts. These tufts protect them from different things.

Do All Maine Coon Cats Have Ear Tufts?

You will notice the ear tufts in many cats. They grow and come out of the ear and are visible to every person. They look so impressive. They are also known as ear furnishings. Many people ask whether all the Maine Coons have ear tufts on their ears. As we see, many of them do not have ear tufts with them. 

According to research, all the purebred Maine coons have ear tufts with them. But what about the mixed bread? These types of Maine coons may or may not grow ear tufts. All these things depend on the genetics of the cat. Some mixed breed cats grow these ear tufts while others do not.

Why Do Maine Coons Have Ear Tufts?

Why Do Maine Coons Have Ear Tufts?

Nothing happens without any reason. Although these ear tufts provide the Maine coons a good look, they are grown. Naturally, it means they have some purpose of serving. Their primary purpose is the protection of the sensitive organ of the cat’s ear. With the help of these tuffs, the Maine coon can remain warm.

Also, these tufts prevent the debris from getting into the ear of the Maine coons. Even though these cats get a good home, they take good care of them. Still, when you take them out of the house, they encounter many different things, and to bear and overcome all these things, these tufts help them.

When Do Maine Coons Grow Ear Tufts?

Generally, it has been seen that ear tufts are grown some days after their birth. If you talk about the exact time, it might take 14 to 15 days, approximately two weeks. If you do not see any ear tuff in this duration on the ear of the cat, then there is a high possibility that they will never grow them. In this duration, all the Maine coons develop their ear tufts. 

These tufts provide them a prestigious look to the cat. Some cats grow a massive amount of hairs that it becomes difficult to look at the inner part of the ear, and this is the best part.

What Color Are Maine Coon Ear Tufts?

What Color Are Maine Coon Ear Tufts?

There is no research that clarifies the color of the hair that the cat grows on their ears. There are different colors of hair. There are more than 75 colors of the hairs seen in the ear tufts. If you search the photos of the Maine coons, you will find the pictures with different colors of hair. 

In general, most of the cats grow tufts of white and off-white color. Some cats grow ear tufts that match the color of their main fur. So it is exciting to look at the different colors of the ear tufts. These ear tufts grow 4 inches taller. It is an average size. Some cats grow taller hair while others are smaller.

Do All Maine Coons Have Lynx Tips?

Do All Maine Coons Have Lynx Tips?

The lynx tips are the hairs that grow on the outer part of the ear. Each cat has a different size, length, and volume of these tips. This differentiation is based on the genetics of the cat. Some cats have genes that grow the lynx tip on the outer part of the ear while others do not have. It takes them up to two years to grow these tips. Although there is no such specific time once the Maine coon develops full hairs on their body, then they will not grow the lynx tips. 

These cats take two years to develop their full coat. That is why the time period of 2 years is relevant. If you did not see any tips on the cat’s ear for up to two years, then there are chances that they will never grow these lynx tips.

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Why Do Maine Coons Have Lynx Tips?

These tips make them distinguish them from other cat breeds. Many people think that if the Maine coon is purebred, then it will grow the lynx tips. But it is not necessary. These breeds are generally found in the United States, and the climate is always cold. 

So these tips help the cat to keep themselves warm. They protect them from harsh winter conditions in their locality. However, no lynx tips do not have any relation with the status of the cat. Sometimes many purebred cats do not grow these tips. On the other hand, some impure breeds also grow these tips. 

Differences between Lynx Tips And Ear Tufts

Generally, all people are confused between these two things. It is very normal to be confused between these two things. Both the lynx tip and the ear tufts serve the same purpose. They protect the cats from the different environmental conditions. The only difference between them is that one grows on the outer part and the other on the inner part. The lynx tips grow on the outer part, and the ear tufts grow in the inner portion of the ear.

Final Words

So this is the complete information that you need to know about the ear tufts. It is essential for every cat to have ear tufts on their ears, but it is not like they cannot survive without these tufts. Also hoping that your confusion between the ear tufts and lynx tips has also been cleared.