Why Do Cats Like Bottle Caps?

If you have a cat, you may come across several different things in your daily life. The pet owner may find out about the different activities that they do on a daily basis which can be cute. But sometimes, they may develop habits that you may not understand why they do that. And you may want to know about the reasons. And that is okay because it is essential to know about the pet you have.

Some of the cats may love to play with different small objects like a bottle cap, and people often wonder that why do cats like bottle caps. There can be several reasons for that, and to know about that in detail, you can check this out!

Why do cats like bottle caps?

Cats are predators that hunt other small animals, which can be why they may even chase other tiny objects that they may see around them, such as balls, bottle caps, and many other objects. They love to play with these objects that make some noise and the ones that go pretty far when they play with them, especially on the linoleum and tiles. It can be the best toy they can have, and if the cat has the rounded flat edges bottle cap, that can be perfect for her. Your cat may love to have that and play with them.

Is it safe to let Your cat play with bottle caps?

There is no harm if your cat plays with the bottle cap; you can give the cap from the plastic bottle. It can be mild, soda or any other product because that can become the best and safest option for them. The person can give that to them, and they can play with that. The plastic is not brittle, and that is why it will not break easily. So even if the cat chews or bites, it will be quite rigid and resistant and will not break into the small pieces which can be swallowed. Better provide them with rigid caps because they will not be able to break them because if they break them, they may swallow and choke with it.

What to do If your cats swallow a Bottlecap? 

There can be some chances when your cat may swallow the bottle cap if it is not rigid and they have broken it down. When the cap is too small or is made of rubber, there can be chances that they may swallow it and eventually choke with them. But if this problem occurs when you need to take off the cat. You need to take them to the vet because if they start vomiting, it might become a problem, and they may even become dehydrated. Taking to the vet is the best option they can have.

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You may have understood that cats are playful animals, and they love to play, and if they get something that creates noise, they may love it. But you need to make sure that you are giving them the right toy or bottle cap so that it will not create any problems.