Why Do Female Cats Hump Each Other?

Female cats have specific physiological and behavioral needs.

Aside from their biological differences, female cats can be fiercely competitive with each other.

When a female cat feels insecure, she may hump one of her fellow females.

So, why do female cats hump each other? Female cats have numerous behaviors called “stereotypical.” These behaviors help female cats establish social bonds with each other, pick mates, and signal dominance status to potential mates.

One of these behaviors is humping, which is when a cat presses its body against another cat and grinds its hips against it.

This behavior typically occurs between two female cats, but male cats can engage in it, too.

Why Do Female Cats Hump Each Other?

Cats are fascinating animals.

However, it’s often difficult to tell what they’re thinking or feeling. This is especially true when it comes to female cats.

Female cats sometimes hump each other as a part of their mating ritual. However, it’s not entirely clear why they do this.

Some experts think that female cats may stroke each other as a way to relax. Others suggest that female cats may practice mating in a safe environment before mating with males in the wild.

Finally, it’s possible that female cats may mate with each other as a form of dominance. Some cats may not accept a dominant female cat and may attack her.

However, cats that mate with dominant females may gain her acceptance by mating with her.

How To Stop Female Cats From Humping Each Other

Spray Cat Repellent in Specific Rooms

In essence, you will construct an exclusion zone around the house where your cat cannot go because it contains unpleasant odors that repel your cat.

Most cats will not want to mate/hump in areas where there is an unpleasant odor present.

Of course, you must modify this to your particular cat; some cats are less sensitive to certain smells than others.

Don’t overdo it and spray the entire house; you may simply end up repelling the cat yourself.

When cats are bored, they may start to seek other outlets for their energy, such as grooming, scratching, or playing with other animals in the house.

A way to prevent this is to relocate your cat’s litter box to a different room from the play areas.

There is a delicate balance to be struck here; if the litter box is too far away, the cat may refuse to use it because she feels it is an inconvenience to her.

This will assist to manage the cat’s behavior and prevent it from becoming destructive.

Utilize Catnip

Catnip is an excellent sedative and will calm your kitty down significantly when it is stressed or anxious.

You can purchase catnip at most pet stores or order it online from Amazon or other online retailers.

Separate the Cats for Long Periods

Time apart might be one of your best options when trying to prevent this behavior from continuing.

When you separate the cats and they do not see each other for several hours, they may stop wanting to mate/hump one another because they associate it with stress/anxiety.

Again, this will have to be done delicately to avoid stressing out the felines even more.

Make a Scratching Post

You must discover a means for your feline companion to exercise his or her claws without hurting other pets in the house.

This is especially important for younger kittens that have not yet developed their scratching skills properly.

Making a simple scratching post out of sisal rope is an excellent way to solve this problem; most kittens will prefer this method of scratching over your furniture or carpet.

When the female cat starts to act aggressively toward your other pets, then you might have a problem on your hands.

It is preferable to provide them their own separate play areas.

As a result, you should install some toys in the play area so that they can entertain themselves when you are not home.

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Final Words

Female cats often exhibit ennui, boredom, and frustration when left at home alone.

In instances like this, you must take the necessary steps to make your cat’s life more comfortable and your life easier as well.

The plan is to observe what is causing the problem and take corrective actions immediately.

Most of the time, this will make a world of difference to your feline friend.

Otherwise, you are free to use other techniques such as spraying a

Each technique is unique and will provide different advantages for the cat owner.