Why Does My Cat Lick My Eye?

Is your cat licking your eyes lately? Perhaps she is attempting to groom you, then. It may also mean that your cat has missed you.

Like you or I, cats enjoy their close physical contact with their owners. In this, cats are similar to our canine companions.

In the same way that we love to give hugs to dogs, cats love to lick their owners.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Eye?

Just like with dogs, cats often have much affection for their owners.

When they miss you, cats may lick you as a way to bond and begin healing. A cat will rub its face against your clothing in the hope that you will rub its face against your clothing.

Cats often lick the fur on their faces, including their eyelids. This is why you may see your cat licking your eyelids.

Personality Quirks

As we are all known, cats are one of the few animals that may lick you on the face or ears. This is known as grooming, and your cat uses licking as a means of softening your fur and removing dirt. It can also be a pain reliever for your cat.

Each cat has a distinct personality, and it is important to take into account their particular traits when choosing a name for them.

Some cats are highly reclusive and possessive of their territory, and these cats will feel threatened by the intrusion of another cat or person.

When a cat scratches your bare skin on the wrist, or tries to sit on your lap, they are most likely trying to communicate they want affection.

This is not necessarily a sign that your cat is demanding attention to himself, but rather that he wants to keep you company.

Cats, just like humans, prefer to have their personal space, and they don’t like to share or tolerate being bossed around.

Other cats, on the other hand, may try to push people away by hissing or growling. The personality of the cat will depend on the cat’s individual character and preferences.

You could feed your cat some canned food or toys to play around, and it could make a great pet.


Cats have a high risk of developing eye infections , such as glaucoma, Metabolic Eye Disease, and inflammation.

If your cat is licking your eyes, it could be preventing you from getting an eye infection or calling for help.

It’s practically instinctual for them to do so. It’s their way of protecting you from an eye injury, especially if you’ve had scratched or poked yourself. Homemade Attention

As a result, your cat doesn’t feel that you are being neglected.

Instead, it appears that he is trying to comfort you by licking your eyelids. Cats licking people is not considered a harmful behavior.

But even if your cat does lick you without permission, it’s not a reason to get a cat-proof screen!

Mimicking Their Moms

If a cat’s mother hisses often and is overly aggressive, then that cat is likely to be aggressive himself.

The same is true for kittens whose mothers were never aggressive.

Your cat might lick your eyes in a different position depending upon its feelings, such as in the corner of your eye or directly on your eyeball.

You could try rewarding this behavior by rubbing your cat’s head or belly, tapping on your cat’s chest or playing a game of “whack the catnip” with your cat.

As a result, your cat’s behavior may reveal a lot about how it was raised by its mother and other felines and kittens.

Seeking Attention

Cats have a specific strategy they use in order to get attention, known as “seeking attention.” This is often referred to as “grooming.” For example, if a cat is hungry or wants attention, it will bite your cheek to get your attention.

This may mean that your cat has just scratched your cheek and likes it so much that it will kiss you to get your attention, making you uncomfortable.

It’s difficult not to notice when a feline is licking his or her face. Normally, cats do this when they are happy or relaxed to comfort their owners. Cats do not have much want or need to meow or lick their owners for any other reason.

Cats are intelligent animals that use many tactics to seek attention.

One favorite is to lick their owners’ faces. This makes them rewards them with attention.

Cats can also lick their own faces as a form of grooming.


Your cat may be biting your eyelids because she’s curious or hungry. If your cat is licking your eyelids, don’t act alarmed. She may just be trying to soothe your sensation.

Cats are attracted to strong fragrances, so if a drop falls onto your face, your cat could be licking you to remove it.

It’s typically due to the fact that your cat is thirsty or has an underlying health issue. Medical professionals believe that your cat may be licking your eyeballs because they are sensitive to her licking.

Compulsive Lick

Some cats are unable or unwilling to stop licking. Others may enjoy this behavior and enjoy it so much that it makes them hard to declaw.

It might be related to your reunion rituals with your cat after a long day at work; or because your cat likes to see you at the end of a long and difficult day.

Whatever the reason, the easiest way to stop your cat is to remove him from the action. Place a piece of cardboard or a paper towel over the spot in his face.

When he sniffs out the spot where you placed it, he will quickly lose interest in licking.

If this is the case, you should be able to have him see a vet for his problem. Or go to a pet behavior clinic, where you can work with a behaviorist to fix your cat’s problem.

Cleaning and grooming

Some cats like to lick their face as a social ritual. No matter the reason why your kitty is licking you, it’s not a threat to your health.

This is why your cat may have spent a quality time with you by licking a wound, his ear, or your eyelid.

They can also lick your eyes as a way of saying “hi.” Cats have an interesting relationship with humans that involves grooming and licking. You may notice that your cat will greet you with a kiss on your head by licking your hair or ears.

Cats see humans as larger, hairless, and stranger versions of themselves (or sometimes, kittens). To clean and groom you, they may lick your eyelashes.

As a result, they may protect the delicate tissue beneath your lashes from getting damaged. It may also soothe your eyes, because as we all know, warm, soothing licks are often comforting.

What Happens If A Cat Licks Your Eyes?

What Happens If A Cat Licks Your Eyes?

Cats like looking into people’s faces and licking them for some attention.

When they attempt to lick your exposed eyes, you respond by swatting them.

This is one of the reasons why many cat owners get their pets spayed or neutered.

However, you should not allow your cat to lick your face without a reason.

The germs in your kitten’s mouth often travel to your nostrils.

Multocida, Pasteurella, Capnocytophaga, and Salmonella are but a few of the bacteria often detected in cat saliva.

For most people, this bacteria is harmless and passes unnoticed, but for others, the bacteria may prompt them to visit a doctor.

They eat these germs mostly by licking their exposed lips and eyeballs.

According to Cornell University, the Pasteurella Multocida bacteria is spread by cat bites and licking.

It is vital to keep your pet away from the food on your dining table and the utensils you use to make it.

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Why Does My Cat Sniff My Eye?

Your cat might be trying to tell you that she loves you by sniffing at your eye.

This isn’t something that you should ignore, since you could really be in for some eye infections and other problems if you ignore it. Pay attention to this, and you might be saving your eye.


This is what your cat is probably doing when she licks the tears away from your eyes to feel better.

She isn’t the only one who uses the tears to soothe herself – dogs do the exact same thing.


When it comes to your eyes, a cat won’t hesitate to lick them if it sees anything wrong.

They are made so curious by all this licking that the first time they smell the eye they will invariably lick it. It may seem odd at first, but after a few months, cats may start grooming your eyes.

They’ll smell you to see if you’re healthy and then lick your face, your eyelids, or even your eyes.

This is called a cat scratch and it’s harmless. Cats sometimes use cat scratch for grooming, and for marking their territory with scent marks.

Cats may sometimes smell their owner’s eye from time to time.

It’s their way of checking to see whether the owner has any eye problems. If a cat feels he or she is in danger from an eye infection, the cat will attack the eye.

This is to protect the owner from danger.


Another explanation for cats’ peculiar licking behavior is that your cat could be trying to please you by keeping it healthy.

When a cat scents a familiar fragrance, many studies have shown they tend to lower their heart rate and blood pressure.

Therapeutic smelling can provide your cat with long-lasting feelings of relaxation, making her feel less stressed.

As a result, if your cat is feeling anxious, she will seek comfort in your closeness by snuggling up close to you.

The licking of the eyes might be a way for cats to comfort their owners or show affection.


Cats use their sense of touch to distinguish between friendly people and threats.

They know who their owners are by the scent and your company.

Your cat will most likely lick your eye if you’ve been crying or laughing for too long, or if you’ve fed it a treat.

However, you won’t want him to lick your eyes because you’re mad at him or because he has a fetish for it.

When the owner is away, the cats may sniff him for hours until he returns.

There is a scientific reason why cats may Lick your eyelid.

How Do I Stop My Cat From Licking My Eyelids?

If your pet has a propensity of licking your lashes, try to get her interested in something else. Use treats to get your cat to bite on your toy instead of her eyes.

Grab a toy and wave it in her face, or hold out food as she tries to lick your eyelid. This will get her focused on something else and break her of her desire to lick your eyeballs.

The idea is to divert her attention from you so she may bite on her toy instead.

You may also use positive reinforcement such as petting and playing with your cat.

Keep his/her attention on your toys instead of your face and you could even get your cat to sit-up and pet its back on command.

You just have to thank her with her favorite treats more than you do if she gets near your eyelids.


Cats often lick the eyes as a way to mark territory.

But for many cats, a common practice is for pets to lick the eyes when they are stressed or upset. Although this is perfectly normal behavior, pet owners may notice that their pet only licks one eye.

The best way to stop your cat from licking the eyes is to ignore them. Ignoring their attempts to lick your eyesight will make them lose interest in the behavior and prevent them from latching on to it.