Why Is My Cat Still Fat After Giving Birth?

Your cat is still fat after giving birth.

It’s essential to keep your cat healthy and fit throughout her life. Feeding your feline according to her individual needs will help her lose weight gradually.

So, why is my cat still fat after giving birth? When you bring home a new baby, most people will immediately be enchanted by the new addition to your family.

However, some pets may view their newborns as threats to their thrones as top dog. In this case, the cat is mom and the baby is her kitten.

So, why is the cat still fat after giving birth? Well, a cat’s fat reserves are essential for helping her produce more milk for her kittens.

If a cat isn’t able to produce enough milk for her kittens to eat regularly, they will starve and die. For this reason, cats usually eat a lot when they’re pregnant and after giving birth.

They store up as much fat as possible in case they need to feed their babies later.

Why Is My Cat Still Fat After Giving Birth?

Uncontrolled Eating

My cat gave birth to four kittens last month.

I was elated as I have always wanted a kitten. However, my happiness soon turned to sadness when I realized that my chubby cat was still fat after eating four kittens!

My cat has always had a weight problem; however, this problem has become worse after having four kittens. I realized that my cat’s weight problem was due to her uncontrolled eating habits.

Her uncontrolled eating habits, which include eating nonstop all day, are the main reason why she has become fat after giving birth. I realized that I should train my cat to eat less food so that she does not become fat.

Increased Calory Needs

My cat gave birth to six kittens four months ago, and she is still fat.

Although it seems impossible, it’s true. My cat gets plenty of exercise because she plays with her favorite mouse every day, and she eats a healthy diet of dry cat food and wet cat food every day.

However, she still doesn’t lose much weight. I think it’s because her metabolism has increased because she is nursing her kittens.

My cat needs extra calories to produce milk for her babies. To lose the weight, my cat needs to nurse her kittens for a shorter time, or she needs to stop nursing her kittens.

Increased Calory Needs

My cat, a pregnant female tabby, gave birth to four healthy kittens four weeks ago.

Each kitten weighed less than 200 grams and needed constant care. The kittens were so cute and fluffy that I wanted them in my living room.

I kept the kittens in my room for several weeks, and my cat was very affectionate with them. However, my cat was still fat after giving birth.

My cat was overweight before the kittens were born, so I didn’t think she was fat anymore. I was shocked that my cat was still fat after giving birth; after all, her kittens weighed less than 200 grams.

My cat’s excessive weight could have several causes, such as improper diet or inadequate exercise. To solve this problem, I adjusted my cat’s diet and increased the amount of exercise she got every day.

I’m happy to say that my cat lost a lot of weight after giving birth.

How Can I Get My Cat To Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

Separate Them During Feeding Time If You Have Multiple Cats

If you have multiple cats, chances are they will all be hungry at the same time.

Instead of trying to feed them all at once, try feeding them separately so you can easily monitor when the food runs out.

Go For A Walk

Having a cat as a pet is a wonderful experience.

However, cats need exercise to stay healthy and fit. However, with busy schedules, many people can’t find time to walk their cats every day.

However, walking cats doesn’t require a lot of time or effort. Furthermore, walking cats has many benefits.

For example, it increases their appetite, helps them lose excess weight, and makes them happy. Overall, walking cats is a great way to help them stay healthy and fit.

Play With Them

After your cat has given birth to her kittens, she needs to eat less food, so she can start to lose some weight.

The best way to help her lose weight is to play with her more. Playing with your cat will help her burn more calories, so she’ll start to lose weight faster.

Cats love to play, so playing with them will become part of their daily routine. Playing with your cat will also help her stay mentally healthy, because it will keep her mind stimulated.

Your cat will lose weight faster if you play with her more often.

Add Water Or Replace With Water

Many cats have fat belly after pregnancy.

And, these fat belly will damage their health and make it difficult for cat to return to normal condition.

Therefore, cat owner should pay attention to cat’s diet and add water or replace with water to allow cat to digest food well and lose weight after pregnancy.

Use Automatic Feeder

Do you have an obese cat? If so, you should provide automatic feeder to his diet. Cats love eating, therefore, your cat will lose weight faster if you provide automatic feeder for your cat.

Automatic feeder usually consists of two parts: the base and the hopper. The base keeps the food dry and the hopper keeps food fresh.

The hopper is usually filled with food that your cat can eat, such as dry food. When your cat eats food from the automatic feeder, the hopper will be refilled with food.

This refilling process usually takes place at night. During the day, your cat will feed himself from the hopper.

Spread Out Meals

Pregnancy can be tough on cats, especially if they get fat while pregnant (as they tend to do).

However, you can help your cat lose weight after pregnancy by feeding her smaller meals throughout the day. That’s what makes this plan so great for cats.

Feeding your cat small meals throughout the day is a healthier way for her to lose weight than feeding her one large meal per day. It also gives her more regular energy levels throughout the day, which makes it easier for her to move around and exercise.

Finally, it’s more convenient for you because you don’t have to feed her one big meal per day. You can just pop a few bowls of food down throughout the day and she’ll do her thing.

Use A Treat Toy Or Feeding Ball

A cat that has given birth to a litter of kittens may gain a lot of weight during her pregnancy.

If she is obese, she may suffer from diabetes and even heart disease. To prevent this, you should give your cat a feeding ball or a treat toy.

These toys are designed to help cats lose weight by encouraging them to get moving and burning calories. Usually, you place these toys in your cat’s food bowl and let her play with them while eating her meal.

You can leave these toys in your cat’s food bowl permanently or only use them when she’s pregnant to speed up the weight loss process.

Hide Their Meals And Litter Box

After giving birth to kittens, some cats will regain the weight they gained while pregnant.

This often happens because the cat hid her meals while she was pregnant and litterbox while nursing her kittens. If your cat is overweight after giving birth, you can help her lose weight by hiding her meals and litterbox for a few days.

After eating, she’ll have to search for her food. This behavior will help her burn more calories.

After eating, the cat will have to go search for her litterbox. This behavior will also help the cat burn calories.

After a few days, gradually reintroduce the meals and litterbox. This will ensure that the cat gets used to eating and using the litterbox after giving birth.

Should My Cat Still Be Fat After Giving Birth?

After giving birth, some cats are too fat to nurse their young properly.

Their dietary requirements, especially their calorie requirements, have increased a lot during pregnancy.

Depending on litter size, energy requirements may be as much as double what they were before pregnancy.

Water consumption is significantly higher for nursing mothers as well, possibly as much as ten liters a day.

Is My Cat Still Pregnant After Giving Birth?

Your cat’s pregnancy will last around 63 days on average (range 56-70 days) from the first day of mating until the birth of the kittens.

And, after giving birth, a nursing mother will often show physical and behavioral signs of being pregnant for another few weeks.

Nursing her offspring will not prevent conception, and your female will most likely get pregnant again within a few weeks of weaning her last kitten.

How Long Does It Take a Mother Cat to Be Normal Again After Birth?

Your cat will become less defensive of her home after she has given birth.

She will also grow less willing to breastfeed when she needs to feed them herself instead of leaving them to be fed by you or another family member.

This might take a week or two after the birth before she feels comfortable enough to start feeding them herself again.

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Final Words

It is typical for a cat to gain weight after giving birth. In fact, many cat owners are shocked when they see their cat has gained weight after giving birth!

However, there is some good news – your female will usually regain the prepregnancy weight within a few weeks of weaning her last kitten.