Are Maine Coons Fussy Eaters?

It seems unusual for you to try new food with your Maine Coon, and they will instantly love it, but then they tend to repel it. This could make you doubt if the breed is a picky eater or just your kitty eating badly. It is time for you to find out if all cats are fussy eaters and why this happens.

You can also take some tips to prevent your Maine Coon from being fussy and devouring everything you give him. Know if being “fussy” is a problem for your kitten or is a common occurrence with other Maine Coon cats.

Are All Cats Fussy Eaters?

In short, yes, all cats tend to be fussy eaters, and even more so when you spoil them in this way. However, these cats sometimes break their selectivity with food and devour everything. Cats can be wild at various times, and that is where they put that sense of being fussy aside.

You shouldn’t feel bad if your Maine Coon exhibits this selective eating personality because it is a global problem. This selectivity in food can be caused by the owner more than by the same cat next to you.

Why Are Cats Fussy Eaters?

Something that you should take into account is that Maine Coons or other cats do not see food as you do. Maine Coons are not as repetitive when eating as are humans who tend to devour the same dish every day.

Cats eat based on what you can feed them in your food, which could be kibble or human food. You would have to feed your pet in a way that they like and not that you might like. You must start to analyze your pet’s habits to give him the food he likes.

Maine Coons are also picky about the fact that you rotate their mealtimes. These kittens feel great feeding every day at the exact time and without delays. It is good that you respect the feeding schedule of your pet to avoid being picky.

How to Stop Your Maine Coon from being a Fussy Eater?

How to Stop Your Maine Coon from being a Fussy Eater

If you want to prevent your Maine Coon from being a picky eater, you should do the following:

  • Analyze what your favorite dishes are

You have a lifetime to get to know your Maine Coon and what dishes they like for their taste. If your Maine Coon likes a specific kibble brand, it’s good that you focus on that food.

  • Don’t vary your food so much

You have to avoid changing your Maine Coon’s food so frequently because this could make him picky. It is good that you change the cat kibble one time a year, or if you can leave the same dish, it would be better. The more varied food you give your Maine Coon, the greater its selectivity.

  • Leave a container of water near your food plate.

You have to give your kitty all the tastes so that he can have a good eating experience. Not only do you have to worry about serving him the same dish every day, but also keeping him hydrated. You should get used to leaving a container near your cat’s food bowl so that he can take it whenever he likes.

  • Serve her food at the same time each day.

It is good that you create a feeding schedule for your pet to prevent it from being fussy. If you feed your Maine Coon 2 times a day, you should try to feed it simultaneously each day.

  • Buy a cat food dispensary

If you find it difficult to feed your Maine Coon daily, buying a dispensary is a good idea. With these devices, you can organize your pet’s meal schedule without problems.

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Is it a problem if Your Maine Coon is a Fussy Eater?

Unfortunately, if it is a problem, your Maine Coon is fussy because this will make you spend a lot of money. You should limit yourself to looking every day for a food dish that your cat likes because it is expensive. So that your Maine Coon is not fussy, you have to adapt him to eating the same food every day.

You have to be aware of your cat’s feeding from a very young age because this can get out of control. In the worst cases, your Maine Coon will not eat because he does not like the repeated food that you have given him. To avoid these types of actions, you should not spoil your kitten since he is little.

What to do if your Maine Coon won’t eat his food?

If your Maine Coon is already fussy, you have to take some tips to change his personality. You still have time to change the way your cat eats, no matter how big it is.

If your Maine Coon has just seen the food, it smelled and is not attracted to it because it is repeated, you should stay calm. You must understand that you can not feel spoiling your pet, so you must refrain from changing the dish. All you have to do is leave that dish there and hope your cat is hungry.

It is good that you cover your cat’s food until you decide to eat it sometime during the day. When your Maine Coon sees that you have not pleased him by changing repeated food, he will have no choice but to eat it.

Final Words

Maine Coons, like other cats, are usually fussy eaters, but it is not their fault, but because of how you get used to them. If you regularly change your cat’s food every day, this may make him picky as an adult. You have to prevent your cat from becoming choosy when it comes to eating because this can cause you to spend a lot of money.

To meet your goals and have a cat eating, you have to give him the same food every day. You can use the automated cat food dispensaries or set up a feeding schedule. When your Maine Coon gets used to the same food daily, this could prevent him from being a picky eater in the long run.

Another thing to keep in mind is that human food can also quickly bore cats. For this reason, it is advisable that you accustom your Maine Coon to eat special kibbles.

If you give your cat kibble of the same brand, you can prevent them from being selective in the long run. You have to focus on giving him a kibble that your Maine Coon loves and can eat for his entire life. You should also not forget to leave a bowl of water near your kitty’s food.