Why Does Your Cat Start To Eat Then Runs Away?

Your cat’s behavior can be confusing, so understanding it can help you care for it. When a cat becomes excited or anxious, it may decide it’s hungry. It may then run over to its favorite spot and nibble. This is its natural behavior, so it shouldn’t make you panic. So, why does your cat start … Read more

Why Do Cat Fangs Stick Out?

Cat Fangs represent one of the most unique features of the breed. Due to their sharp and pointy shape, they’re easily noticeable and appealing. Since they’re so prominent, it’s essential to know what makes cat fangs so special. So, why do cat fangs stick out? Cat’s have retractable claws and fangs. These help them catch … Read more

Why Is My Cat Digging On My Bed?

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Why Does My Cat Act Weird When I’m On My Period?

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Why Does My Cat Grab My Arm?

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How To Stop Cat From Going Under Bed

If your cat is constantly going under your bed, it’s one of your greatest worries. It’s essential to keep your cat out of your bedroom and away from your pillows and sheets. You can teach your cat what it’s supposed to do by repeatedly rewarding it. So, how do you stop cat from going under … Read more

Why Is Cat Walking Low To The Ground And Meowing?

Cats are naturally athletic and agile, so they’re naturally prone to running off and exploring. When they’re running along, they may stop abruptly and paw the ground. This behavior is known as paw-shakes. Sometimes, these paw-shakes result in unintended turbulence in the walking pattern of your cats, which can lead to a blown lid. So, … Read more