Can Maine Coons Live In Hot Weather?

If you have just adopted a Main Coon, you may doubt its tolerance for hot weather. These huge cats with thick fur could withstand high temperatures. So it is good that you know exactly if Main Coons can live in hot climates.

Find out if these kittens like warm weather or if they are looking for a much cooler temperature. Learn how you can keep your Maine Coon cat cool so he can’t suffocate in the middle of summer. Finally, you might know how to help a Maine Coon stay cool.

Do Maine Coons like hot weather?

Maine Coons are cats that love hot climates; this resembles many breeds of kittens. The cat’s thick fur allows the heat inside their body to regulate, preventing them from suffocating. You can see how cats go to an area of ​​your house where there are the sun’s rays.

In general, this breed of cats likes any climate because their fur protects them. This thermo-protective barrier makes Maine Coons happy no matter how hot or cold it is.

Can Maine Coons live in hot weather?

There are many myths that Maine Coons cannot stand hot climates, but that is not true. This type of cats are not affected by heat even though their fur looks unfavorable. Like other pets, Maine Coon cats will seek the morning sun to fall asleep with its glow.

Can Maine Coons get too hot?

Maine Coon cats have a thermoprotective barrier that prevents them from getting too hot in hot weather. You do not have to worry in these climates because your cat will cope without problems. However, it is good to be attentive to those days of extreme heat because the cat could suffocate there.

When you feel that the weather is very hot and even affects your body, you should also weigh on your cat. If you feel the intense heat, your Maine Coon may be about to pass out from such bad weather.

How Hot is Too Hot For Maine Coons?

For Maine Coons cats, and for you, a climate that ranges from 32 to 35 degrees Celsius is too high. With this temperature, any people or animal could suffocate, so you should be careful. If you or your cat are sheltered at home with the air conditioning, you can suffer from suffocation.

When the temperature exceeds 35 degrees, the problem may increase for both you and the cat. You must try to cool your kitten in these types of high temperate climates that occur throughout the year.

How do Maine Coon Cats Cool Down?

How do Maine Coon Cats Cool Down?

If you are afraid that your Maine Coon cat will suffocate in the hot weather, you should learn how to cool his body. You can help your cat cool down as the following methods:

  • Bathing him

The first thing you can do to cool your Maine Coon cat in hot weather is bathed him. You have to take your pussy, take him to the shower and give him a delicious bath to make him feel better.

  • Taking it to a colder climate

If you have already bathed your pet and still feel that it is suffocating from the heat, you should keep it at home. You can turn on the air to bring your home to a temperature of minimum 25 degrees.

  • Laying him on a damp towel

You can also lay your kitten on a damp towel to prevent suffocation. It is a very useful method that you can apply if you are out for a walk with your pet and he suffocates.

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How Do Maine Coons Stay Cool?

When you have a maine coon in your care, you may need to know how to keep it cool in hot weather. These kittens tend to get overheated easily, so you should consider how to calm them down:

  • Giving it semi-baths

You can try giving your Maine Coon a semi-batch using the shower or bathroom sink. These quick baths can rehabilitate your pet by keeping suffocation away from its body.

  • Give Your Cat lots of water

It is good that you keep your pet hydrated so that its body is not affected by the hot weather. In general, your Maine Coon will be thirsty in these hot climates, so you should try to have water close by.

  • Keep Your Cat In The House

You can protect your cat inside the house so that it can’t touch the sunlight outside. Close the windows, turn on the air, and leave it at a comfortable temperature for your cat to recover.

How To Help Your Maine Coon Keep Cool?

You should also know how you can help your Maine Coon stay cool throughout the day:

  • Put a fan nearby

If you are a good owner, you will not limit yourself to place a fan on your Maine Coon in the hot weather. With this ventilation, your pet will feel very good, which would prevent it from suffocating so quickly.

  • Place Frozen Water Packets Near Them

If you have packets of frozen water in the fridge, you may want to take them out and place them near your cat. With these packages of frozen water your cat close by, your cat can feel better.

  • Put Wet Towels on Maine Coons

If your cat is lying down and feel very hot, you can take a towel, moisten it, and place it on top. This method is effective in helping your bare minimum overcome suffocation inside or outside the house.

Signs and Treatment of Heatstroke in Maine Coons

You may think you know everything about your cat, but you can be wrong when it shows signs of suffocation. It is rare when Maine Coons suffer from the hot weather, but it is possible, and you should avoid it. Among the main signs by which you can recognize that the heatwave hits your cat are:

  • vomiting
  • Very agitated breathing
  • Your heart rate increases
  • gasps

If you detect some of these negative effects on your pet, it is good that you try to bathe, hydrate, or take it to a warm area. You should not leave your cat alone amid these year-round hot weather.

Final Words

Maine Coon cats are tolerant of heat or cold, but they also need your help in some cases. You must be attentive to the signs your pet presents in these hot climates that are usually unbearable. If you see your little cat kitten vomiting, it is good that you bathe, hydrate, or goes inside the house.

You must protect your pet in these hot climates to keep their health and happiness. You should not abandon your cat at any time so that they do not suffocate from the hot weather.