Maine Coon Price: Why Are Maine Coons So Expensive?

Most cat enthusiasts are thrilled to bring Maine coon in their home. But, do you wonder why this lovely breed is so expensive? When people begin to research this popular cat breed, it turns out that Maine coon is not cheap. And you should know that every owner said that Maine coon is worth every penny you spend on them.

The reason for Maine coon cats being so expensive is that it is expensive to raise and breed healthy Maine coon kittens. That means breeders have to incur a lot of costs to maintain the good health of these cats, and eventually, they have to charge higher to earn some money themselves. As you already know, the Maine coon is the most popular cat, and with such high demand and insufficient supply, the prices tend to rise in the market.

Now you know buying a Maine coon cat is way too expensive for a breeder, even if you find a way to get Maine coon at a lower price. There are many other things that you have to consider, which makes it even more expensive. So, keep reading to find out why Maine coon is expensive.

Why Are Maine Coons So Expensive?

When buying your first cat, most people get amazed by the prices charged by the breeder for Maine coon. Most of you might think that breeders are charging high to make a profit. That’s not the truth. There are other reasons why this cat breed is expensive.

  • Imbalance in demand and supply

As you already know, the Maine coon has become the most popular cat breeds worldwide. That means people are crazy about bringing this cat breed into their homes. But, due to less supply of high-quality Maine coon kittens, there is an imbalance between the demand and supply. You know, breeding cats takes plenty of time. Hence, it causes total prices to pile up.

  • Breeding Cost 

Another major factor why Maine coon are so expensive is the cost of their breeding. They require high-quality food and standardized care to maintain their overall health.

  • Breeders’ Service Cost

You should know that breeders spend many hours ensuring the good health of Maine coon kittens by feeding them high-quality food and maintaining a standard living place. In addition, most of you know that this cat breed has an affectionate nature and is intelligent. That means the breeder deserves to get paid for raising a healthy and beautiful kitten.

How Much Do Maine Coons Cost?

Before you decide to get your own Maine coon cat, you need to figure out whether you can afford one or not. Without any doubt, the cost of Maine coon depends upon the factors like breeder, age, and other reasons. That means some owners will buy Maine coon kittens from a breeder, which could range from $600 – $1500.

You should know that kittens tend to be more expensive than adult cats. However, buying an adult cat would be less expensive than the kittens as they are already conditioned and named. You can get an adult Maine coon for at least $40 to $60. If you are looking for a high quality cost, you have to pay enormously high up to $2000.

Factors Affecting The Price Of Maine Coons

Factors Affecting The Price Of Maine Coons

As discussed above, there are many reasons why Maine coon is expensive, and one of them is raising and breeding. So, let us discuss some of the other reasons.

  • Pedigree Status 

You should know that pedigree status makes a vast difference between prices. That means Maine coon showing lineage would cost high. In contrast, with a few lineages, the prices of Maine coon drop rapidly.

  • Age 

Age is another factor that determines the price of a Maine coon cat. You should know that kittens need more care, making them more expensive. However, that means the owner will get a chance to name the kitten and watch him grow. In contrast, adult cats cost less, but there are higher chances of developing health issues.

  • Health 

Health is the most vital factor for determining the cost of a Maine coon cat. First, you must know that a breeder will charge high prices for a healthy Maine coon cat. But some kittens are born with various genetic issues or might suffer from permanent injury, blindness, disability, or deafness. Hence, the breeder will charge lower prices for these cats.

  • Pattern And Color 

Coloration and patterns of a Maine coon can also alter its prices. For instance, standard brown or black tabbies won’t cost you as much as rare gold or silver smoke Maine coon.

Cost Of Owning A Maine Coon

Cost Of Owning A Maine Coon

Owning a Maine coon for the first time would cost higher as you have to incur the necessary costs for a healthy life. We have created a list of one-time costs and recurring costs to help you understand.

One Time Cost

  • Your Maine coon cat requires a large and sturdy cat carrier.
  • You are required to have at least one litter tray.
  • You will need grooming brushes for long and thick fur.
  • You might want to consider a cat tree for your cat.

Recurring Costs 

  • You are required to pay for vaccinations and veterinary checkups from time to time.
  • Your cat needs high-quality food to stay healthy.
  • You will need a cat litter for home hygiene and toys to keep them playful.

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Are Maine Coons Worth The Money?

Maine coons are known for their intelligence and temperament, which makes them even more attractive. Apart from that, they have affectionate and gentle nature and have a hunger to learn new things. That means every penny spent on this cat breed is worth it.

Are Maine Coon Cats High Maintenance?

Yes, Maine coon cats are high maintenance as they eat high-quality food and require time to time veterinary checkups along with other necessary costs incurred on maintaining their good health.

How Much Does A Maine Coon Cat Weigh?

Usually, a healthy Maine coon cat would weigh around 10-25 pounds.

Final Words

It is obvious to think, “why are Maine coons so costlier?” but when you look at the effort, money, and time put in raising a high-quality Maine coon, the price charged by the breeder is worth it.