Are Orange Maine Coon Cats Rare?

Due to their similar colorings, the orange Maine Coon is frequently confused with the ginger Maine Coon. However, these stunning felines are a sight to behold. It’s difficult not to be charmed by their beauty when they gaze at you with their gleaming eyes.

Orange Maine Coon cats are uncommon and often confused with ginger Maine Coons. The Orange Maine Coon color is not listed in the Cat Fancier Association’s breeder color guide. Solid, red tabby, red tabby and white, and bi-color color classes are the four Red Maine Coon, color classes.

Personality Of Orange Maine Coons

Understand in our heads that an animal’s personality is unaffected by its hue.

But, deep down, they know that the hue is responsible for their peculiarities and tendencies. For a Maine Coon that is orange.

  • A meow is more motivating.
  • A snuggle is incredibly affectionate.
  • Actions have a pleasing quality to them.
  • Movements are always welcoming.

The friendly and big Maine Coon cat is well-known for its easygoing personality. Maine Coons are intelligent and simple to train to perform basic tricks or walk on a leash outside.

Because of its huge tufted feet, this kind of cat moves with a certain assurance. Those massive bones, a square chest, and a sturdy stature. In the past, this body has produced elite-level mousers and full-time bodybuilders.

However, keep in mind that all Maine Coons are unique, so the preceding generalizations may not be accurate. Maine Coons come in various personalities, and each cat will have its own set of characteristics. A caring environment and proper socialization as a kitten are equally important aspects of any Maine Coon’s overall personality.

  • Orange Maine Coons’ Temperament

One of the ways to identify if you have a Maine Coon is by their demeanor. They’re adorable, dependable, and make ideal family dogs and companions. To begin, be calm and relaxed but goofy. They’re friendly around newborns and children but big enough for macho male cat owners.

The stereotype of the “gentle giant” is correct. And, more often than not, an orange Maine Coon walks into a room with its tail turned up and coiled like a question mark, signaling that they’re happy. With that, they’re ready to take control of the room and luxuriate in the spotlight. This isn’t a scary situation. If the owner is the only one in the room, the cat will cheerfully plop down next to the human. There’s no melodrama or neuroticism here.

Common Variants Of The Orange Color Maine Coons

  • Maine Coon cats come in a variety of colors and patterns, including smoky and striped.
  • The majority of orange Maine Coon Cats are tabbies, with spots and stripes all over their bodies.
  • The lower half of the body and the upper fur is where the body marks are found.
  • The base hue of the Maine Coon would be orange, with various colored stripes.
  • Tabbies are practically all orange Maine Coon Cats, as they have almost no stripes on their body.
  • It’s unusual to find a Maine Coon that is completely orange.
  • Orange Maine Coon cats can also have a Smokey pattern on their coats, a solid color with some fade.
  • The undercoat is almost always white and usually lighter in color than the outer coat. Unfortunately, some orange Maine Coon Cats have been tainted with a variety of other hues.
  • An orange Maine Coon cat’s face may feature black freckles, making them even attractive.
  • Breeders claim that most Orange Maine Coon cats have a pigment called pheomelanin, which is the same pigment that causes red hair in humans.
  • At the very least, if you’re a redhead with an orange Maine Coon cat, you have something in common with your feline companion. Or, in the case of a Maine Coon, huge fella.

Orange Maine Coon Price

Orange Maine Coon Price

Orange Maine Coon cats breeders can expect to pay up to $2000 (£1580) for a Maine Coon kitten or cat. Because they haven’t been spayed or neutered, these cats are more expensive.

Finally, you can expect to pay up to $2500 (£1975) for each kitten or cat if you want to buy an Orange Maine Coon cat for show contests. These cats will be the best specimens of the Maine Coon cat breed, with no genetic flaws and flawless traits.

Orange Maine Coon Size

Male Maine Coon Size

Take a look at the below to get a better understanding of the average Orange Maine Coons full-grown weight, height, and length

  • Length: 19-40 inches
  • Height: 10-16
  • Weight: 15-25

Female Maine Coon Size Orange

The following tables illustrate the typical size of a female Maine Coon:

  • Length: 19-40
  • Height: 8-14
  • Weight: 8-12

Where Do You Find Orange Maine Coon Kittens For Sale?

Where Do You Find Orange Maine Coon Kittens For Sale?

Orange Maine Coon kittens are available in the following locations:

  • Maine Coon Breeders are members of the Maine Coon Breeders Association.
  • The social networking site Facebook
  • Craigslist / Gum tree
  • Pet Supply Stores

Before you start goggling, read quick description below to learn about the potential hazards that some of these purchasing channels may present.

  • Maine Coon Breeders Are Members Of The Maine Coon Breeders Association.

First and foremost, buying an orange Maine Coon kitten (or cat) from a registered Maine Coon breeder is the best option. Yes, you will pay a premium for this, but you can rest assured that the kitten you buy has been thoroughly examined for any known health issues.

Maine Coon breeders are known for their love of this unique cat breed, so you can rest assured that the cat has been properly cared for, flea-treated, and vaccinated. The kitten will also come with proof of lineage and documents proving a purebred Maine Coon.

  • The Social Networking Site Facebook

Even though Facebook isn’t the best location to find an orange Maine Coon kitten, it’s still a good place to look. When doing so, however, please proceed with caution.

Most businesses these days have an online presence, and Maine Coon vendors are no exception. Look up the vendors on Facebook to get a sense of what kind of business they’re in and whether they’re trustworthy.

  • Craigslist / Gum Tree

On sites like Gum tree and Craigslist, many orange Maine Coon kittens are for sale. Even though adverts on such sites often appear authentic, you should avoid purchasing from them due to the greater than a normal number of backyard breeders who visit them.

  • Shops That Sell Pets

A pet store is also not a good place to get your orange Maine Coon. The Maine Coon is specialty bread that necessitates a high amount of human engagement and touch and a certain level of care and attention.

A pet shop is unlikely to provide the level of care required to keep a Maine Coon happy and comfortable. Because registered breeders are aware of the problem, they rarely allow their prized kittens sold in pet stores.

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Can An Orange Maine Coon Have Short Hair?

If a Maine Coon is mated with another breed, it can have short hair. If your kitten or cat has short hair and came from two Maine Coon parents, it’s likely that one of the parents has a different breed. Maine Coons with mixed hair can have long or short hair or a combination of both.

How Common Are Orange Maine Coons?

Orange Maine Coon cats are uncommon and often confused with ginger Maine Coons. The Orange Maine Coon color is not listed in the Cat Fancier Association’s breeder color guide. Solid, red tabby, red tabby and white, and bi-color color classes are the four Red Maine Coon, color classes.

Final Words

Maine Coons come in various hues, some of which are the result of breeders purposefully breeding specific shades. In contrast, others are the result of more spontaneous unions between different cats. If you look closely at the orange Maine Coon, you’ll notice that there are several different sorts of ‘orange’ colors to pick from, ranging from smoky to stripe to tabby markings.

However, many people have freckles on their faces, which add to their attractiveness. Because the fur of all orange Maine Coons is a mix of red and yellow, you’ll quickly notice that finding a solid orange Maine Coon is difficult, as most orange Maine Coons have markings all over their bodies.