My Cat Follows Me Everywhere But Won’t Cuddle

Your cat follows you everywhere but won’t cuddle.

he may avoid you or behave differently behaviors that make you feel uncomfortable. Typically, he doesn’t seem to be bothered.

Your job is to be affectionate and make him feel loved. When he wants to interact with you, he will not hesitate to reach out.

So, why does my cat follow me everywhere but won’t cuddle?

Cats have a difficult time showing affection to humans.

In fact, cats don’t naturally like to be touched or held, and they certainly don’t enjoy being cuddled or petted by humans. Most cats will choose to avoid contact with people rather than initiate contact themselves, unless they’re hungry or in pain.

Cats are naturally solitary animals rather than pack animals. They prefer to have their own space and they’re always watching for signs of danger or threats from other animals or people.

For a cat that wants to be left alone, being close to you is a source of stress, so he prefers to avoid you altogether rather than risk being picked up or petted.

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere but Won’t Cuddle?

A cat may follow you yet refuse to be close to you.

It essentially want to convey to you that they don’t want you to be around them, but they still need you.

Don’t think it doesn’t love you, because it definitely does.


Some cats are more affectionate than others.

They want to be around you and spend time as they want with you, but they don’t necessarily want your attention all the time.

They may dislike being alone in the hustle and bustle of daily life and may follow you around for that reason alone.

This also implies that the cat wants to be near you so it does not feel lonely and insecure.

They may not want to be snuggled since that is the time they spend sleeping or resting and they understand that you need some personal space too.

Bad Experiences In The Past

A cat may have had bad experiences in the past that makes him not want to interact with humans at all.

It’s one thing for a cat to follow you around, but quite another for him to be friendly and affectionate towards you.

This is something that many cats do and many cats don’t.

Your feline companion may have had previous bad experiences with humans that deterred him from wanting to be close to them, and may not be comfortable with hugging or petting as a cat or human being.

This might lead to a cat not liking to be hugged by a human or a cat growling or hissing when hugged by a human.

If this is the case, the way to deal with it is to provide the affection that the cat wants through other outlets such as through petting or brushing the cat.

It may be in phase one, and the cat will warm up towards you in time, and vice versa.

Doesn’t Enjoy Making Eye Contact

If your cat follows you about but does’t look you in the eye most of the time, or looks away when your eyes meet, this is another clue.

This is a regular sign that your cat is shy and needs time to warm up to you and develop a level of trust with you.

A cat may link making touch with making eye contact and may be scared to touch you if he looks away or looks away when you make direct eye contact.

As a result, you may have a cat that avoids eye contact and this makes for an uneasy relationship as you live in a household with a cat that avoids sharing eye contact with you.

Your objective as a cat owner should be to stay calm and upbeat when you see a cat who is shy and to not force him to make physical contact with you as it can add to his anxiety and make the situation worse.

Many cats begin to change as kittens and develop into cats that avoid eye contact as they mature and have the same type of shyness towards humans as adult cats.

Does Not Display Affection

Your cat dislikes you but follows you about like a shadow.

This is a basic cause that a cat dislikes a person or pet in their home.

This might be a difficult pill for cat owners to swallow but your cat is not interested in you and is truly happier being left alone.

Cats, on the other hand, are territorial in nature and will do their best to protect their homes and their people from other cats.

You could have an inquisitive cat who merely likes to observe things as she does her “cat thing” and watches you and what you are doing.

They may feel threatened if another cat is in the house and they could feel threatened if you bring another pet in the home.

If this is the case, you should try to remedy the matter and keep your cat away from other felines if at all possible, and it is very important that your cat does not feel threatened by your presence by removing.

Forcing a cat to snuggle with you can cause the pet to fear humans and become afraid to be around people, so it should be kept away from situations that may cause the animal’s anxiety to rise.

It’s best to let the cat stay on its own and bereft of human contact, but if the cat insists on following you all over the house, you can always take it for an occasional run on a leash.

In many cases, even cats that spend a lot of time in close contact with their owners tend to hide in the shadows and do their best to go unnoticed.

Why Does My Cat Not Want to Cuddle With Me?

Because of how you have raised it and how you interact with the pet your pussycat could just be too shy to cuddle up to you.

For example, you may have caused it to feel threatened when you got a new kitten or when the third kitten was born and evicted your older cat from the litterbox.

How Do You Tell If Your Cat Is Bonded With You?

Cats communicate with humans through body language, facial expressions and vocalizations.

These indications are how cats indicate if they feel threatened or comfortable when exposed to different situations.

For example, rubbing against you, kneading your leg or purring may indicate that it feels comfortable in your presence.

When you encounter any of these indicators, simply respond in a loving manner and release the animal from the situation that caused its discomfort.

Do Cats Usually Follow You Around?

They do, indeed.

This is due to a multitude of factors including the fact that they are highly inquisitive and like to explore their surroundings.

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My cat follows me everywhere but won’t cuddle with me.

When a cat follows you about but refuses to snuggle, it indicates deeper issues than you realize.

Allow the cat space at these times and it may open up at a later date and cuddle with you again.

This will gain the cat’s trust to get closer to you without becoming too aggressive or afraid and your cat will follow you around more often and enjoy your company more.

Many cats gradually develop a habit of curling up next to you and snuggling under the covers with you or in your arms.

It’s nothing new, and as owning a cat is growing in popularity, there are more things out there to try.

Take your time and continue showing love to your feline companion, and your cat will warm up to you in no time.