How To Keep a Maine Coon Growth Chart

From kittenhood through adulthood, you must record your Maine Coon’s length, height, and weight in order to preserve a Maine Coon growth chart (around three to five years of age). To ensure that your cat grows at a regular and healthy rate, you should record your data once a month in a spreadsheet or notepad. … Read more

How High Can Maine Coons Jump?

Do you know what Maine Coons are? It is the breed of the cat that is so popular among the people, as most people want to have the cat of that breed. It is because Maine Coons are the large domesticated cat breed that has valuable hunting skills and a very distinctive physical appearance. It … Read more

Male Vs. Female Maine Coon Cat

Have you ever looked at a male or female Maine Coon cat up close? They are so different. For instance, the female’s face is more rounded, and her paws are smaller, and her shorter tail. But if you want to know what’s happening inside of that fluffy kitty, don’t worry; tell you everything about the … Read more

Why Does Your Cat Grab You Hand and Bite You?

Cats are known for unexpected behavior, such as snatching and biting your hand. She could be doing it because petting has irritated and overstimulated her. Your cat could want to play with you as well. She could possibly be acting this way because she has an injury or has been harmed while being groomed. Why … Read more