Why Do Cats Like Their Bottoms Smacked?

Cats like their bottoms smacked.

That’s one of the reasons they’re such beloved pets. Cats’ bottoms act as comfort and safety zones.

Since their eyesight is among the best in the world, cat’s bottoms let them know when it’s time to wash their face or swallow a pill. So, why do cats like their bottoms smacked?

When cats get scared or stressed, they seek comfort in familiar places or objects. Cats rub their bottoms against solid surfaces for comfort and often place their paws on their bottoms when they’re upset or happy.

Some cats will even stand up on their hind legs to have their bottoms smacked by their owners (or anyone who’s willing!). Experts believe this behavior evolved as a way for cats to feel calm and safe when they’re afraid or nervous.

Why Do Cats Like Their Bottoms Smacked?

The base of a cat’s tail is considered to consist of three parts: the caudate, the corpus and the caudal appendage.

The caudate is the end of the tail where the tail joins the body, the corpus is the middle section of the tail and the caudal appendage is the end that tapers to a point.

The caudal appendage is a highly sensitive area on a cat’s body. Why? Because that’s where a cat’s spinal cord ends.

When you scratch them there, they’re likely to feel relief from their stress or to just enjoy being tickled.

Why Do Cats Like to Be Slapped?

Cats have substantially more complex emotions than dogs do, but heavily-smacked bottoms are one behavior that almost every cat owner enjoys seeing in his or her feline companion.

When you are tenderly petting your cat somewhere, and your cat gets agitated or uneasy, have you ever noticed that your cat will suddenly jump up and down or rub his/her bottom against your hand.

Although cats are not as gregarious as dogs, they do have some similar behaviors like grabbing onto the collar of their human’s clothing and pulling on it whenever they feel anxious or stressed.

Abusing a cat is against the law and should never be tolerated.

Do Cats Like Their Bottoms Hit Gently?

Petting and rubbing in regions they can’t reach on their own, such as behind the ears or the paws is another way that cats can relax and feel comfortable. Cats also rub against people and other cats to become familiar with them.

Being stroked or gently caressed activates the same pleasure center in felines that being stroked activates in humans.

As a result, your cat appreciates being stroked and rubbed and will purr in order to encourage more petting.

Why Do Cats Like to Show Their Bum?

When your cat rubs her tush against another feline, it’s a form of communication.

Of course, your cats butt rubbing isn’t just a way for him to greet others. Your cat also likes to rub her bum against other humans for the same reasons as with other cats.

You can also use your cat’s bum to rub your own bum and get your cat to massage your kidney area. Some cats even like rubbing their butts against their owners’ faces as a way to show affection.

When you pet your cat, use your fingers to rub and stroke her gently.

Don’t try to pull her fur or rub her too hard or she’ll get upset and come running to a position between your hands or legs where she can hide.

She says by shoving her butt against you, she’ll let you know that she’s turned on and wants to be petted some more.

You can use catnip to entice her to submit to your rubbing by giving her kitty treats soaked in catnip. If she likes the way it feels, she’ll allow you to rub her.

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Cat lovers everywhere know their pets enjoy having their bottoms smacked – and it comes as no surprise why!

Cat’s bottoms serve as their comfort and safety zones and rubbing them against solid surfaces often helps calm down anxious kitties. Cats also like to stand on their hind legs to have their bottoms smacked or rubbed by owners.

While scientists have yet to determine why this behavior began, it’s clear how rewarding it is for cats and their owners alike!

In summary , do cats like their bottoms smacked – you bet they do!

And it’s a pretty safe bet that your kitty will be more than happy to oblige you by giving her bum a good smack or two if you ask!