Why Does My Cat Drink My Bath Water?

Your cat’s drinking water has many nuances.

That’s why you should understand how it affects your cat and why you need to moisturize its skin. Since cats can drink from any water source, your bath water might contain anything from rainwater to water from the sink.

So, why does my cat drink my bath water?

It’s a well-known fact that cats love water.

However, some cats have a quirk that puts them over the edge. These cats drink bath water.

Some cats drink bath water because they’re thirsty, but most cats drink it because they like the taste. Cats who drink bath water often develop a taste for it, so they start drinking it regularly.

The taste varies by bath water, but it’s usually slightly salty and salty foam. Generally, cats don’t drink bath water alone; they usually mix it with water from their drinking bowl.

If your cat regularly drinks bath water, you should cut back on how much water you give them.

However, if your cat is just drinking bath water occasionally, there’s no need to worry. It’s normal behavior in cats.

Why Does My Cat Drink My Bath Water?

They Like to Drink Hot Water.

Cats like to drink hot water because it gives them energy. When cats are stressed or tired, they drink hot water because it gives them more energy and helps them relax. This explains why my cat likes to drink the bath water.

He’s tired from the long day at work and is stressed from waiting for me to come home. So, the bath water is a refreshing drink that gives him energy and helps him relax.

They’ve Witnessed Your Other Cat Doing It.

When I first got my cat, Archie, he was a healthy kitten.

However, about two months later he started drinking out of the bathtub water. At first I didn’t notice, but after a while he began to show signs of sickness.

He was losing weight and his fur began to come out in clumps. My cat was very sick, so I took him to the vet right away.

The vet told me that Archie was very sick with ringworm, a fungus that grows on the skin and is contagious to both people and cats. He said that Archie needed to be treated with medicine, but he couldn’t make me if I refused to bathe him.

After being thoroughly convinced that Archie needed a bath, I decided to bathe him despite my reservations. The bath worked and my doctor told me that Archie would be fine.

Today Archie is a healthy and happy cat and he is back to his old self, but I will never forget that day of my poor cat’s sickness.

They Despise Their Water Bowls.

I’m a cat owner and a cat lover.

I love my cat like it is my child. However, my cat is weird.

My cat doesn’t drink water, it drinks bath water. It drinks it straight from the faucet.

The bath water is the same water my cat drinks out of water bowls. The bath water seems to get my cat more hydrated, though I have no idea why.

My cat’s weird habit has led me to question my own values as well. I despise my water bowl.

I refuse to drink water from it or to use it to bathe myself. However, my cat is content drinking bath water.

I question whether mine is a moral issue and refuse to change my cat’s habits.

Your Cat Enjoys the Flavor.

Your cat enjoys the flavor of the bath water, so my cat drinks the bath water. My cat used to drink the bath water too, until I started using white vinegar instead of bath salts.

The vinegar smell does not appeal to my cat, so I no longer need to bathe my cat separately from the human family.

They are Drawn to Moving Water.

My cat loves drinking water from the bath.

At first I wasn’t worried about it, but recently I found out that cats are naturally drawn to moving water.

When they drink moving water, their whiskers act as sensors to detect the speed of the water.

When my cat drinks bath water, it’s moving slowly, so his whiskers don’t detect any movement.

As a result, he doesn’t feel any thirst and doesn’t drink the water.

My cat drinks bath water, so it’s important to make sure my cat’s water bowl is refilled regularly.

How to Stop Cat From Drinking Bath Water?

Make Use of a Different Bathroom

Cats might grow bored if their water source changes; however, I have a tip that will stop your water from attracting your cat.

My tip will stop your cat from drinking bath water; simply make the bathroom a different bathroom from the rest of your home.

My cat refused to bathe in the bathtub for so long because he was so used to the faucet water that he was no longer interested in the bathtub water that was different.

The first few times I used the bathtub, I filled it with a few inches of water to make it seem more appealing to the cat; it worked.

Change the placement on a regular schedule so that your cat knows to expect a new water source at a certain time every day.

Your kitty will eventually learn to love the new source and stop loving the old one.

Keep Your Cat Busy

When cats don’t have anything else to do, they tend to get bored and start doing something strange – like drinking from the faucet.

Cats, like people, will want to do things that are easy to accomplish when they’re bored.

You may keep them entertained while you cook dinner or fold laundry by playing with your cat or by letting her watch television with you.

In many cases, this is sufficient to keep a cat busy.

However, if you still notice that your cat starts drinking from the sink or shower, you may need to intervene with another way to stop your kitty from drinking from the tub.

Maintain a Full Water Bowl

A lot of the time, your cat may be thirsty and is just looking for a way to get a drink of water – without your permission.

This is terrible, but you can easily prevent it by making sure you refill the water bowl on a regular basis – especially before meals.

Simply provide them with fresh, clean water and make sure that they have a full bowl of it at all times.

Install a Barrier in Front of the Bathroom Door.

Cats are cunning creatures that will constantly try to get into your space – especially if t.

This requires you to install a barrier in front of the bathroom door to prevent your kitty from slipping out when she’s thirsty.

Even if you leave the entrance open, it won’t take long for your feline friend to figure out that she has found a way into the bathroom and into the room where the faucet is located.

Make use of a Pet Fountain

Your cat is informing you that she’s thirsty, but that doesn’t mean that she has to drink directly from the faucet; she can drink from a fountain instead.

Replacing their old water dish with a fountain provides a refreshing way for your feline friend to get some water – so she’ll never feel the need to drink water from the sink again.

Can Dirty Bathwater Make Cats Sick?

Most cats will be alright if they decide to drink dirty bathwater – but there are a couple of issues that you should know about before allowing your kitty to guzzle up the toilet water.

Recently used bathwater, on the other hand, can cause a lot of problems – because it contains soap and shampoo residue that can harm your pet.

This means that it is best not to use dirty bathwater to feed your kitties – no matter how desperate you are to give them some water to drink.

Is It Safe For Cats To Drink Bathtub Water?

Yes, however it depends on how often you wash your kitty. Cats love bathing in warm water and they are also attracted to the water’s scent.

If your cat is not bathed very often, it’s best to give them some extra water in the meantime.

However, if your cat drinks a lot of bath water, it can cause their kidneys to become acidic and can cause them to become dehydrated as well.

Most adult shampoos and body washes are not toxic to cats, but some fragrances can be harmful if ingested by pets.

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Final Words

It’s a difficult situation, and it’s something that you’ll need to decide upon by yourself – but it’s crucial that you make sure that your cat is hydrated at all times.

However, unless you invest in a pet water fountain or fill a bowl with fresh water regularly, most cats will simply become dehydrated anyway.

You will need to look out for their mood, behavior, eyes, gums, and skin in order to determine whether they need more water or not.

The cat will be able to exercise its thirst while consuming a lot of water from its food; this is why you should focus on providing them with the right amount of food and clean water on a daily basis.

Take the time to put the other recommendations into use in order to prevent your feline companion from getting sick – especially if she is used to drinking from the sink.