Why Is Cat Sleeping In Closet?

Cats instinctively understand walking throughout their home, so it doesn’t require you to do anything to interpret their behaviors.

Some cats become sleepy when in a new room, and they may simply prefer to sleep in there. If a sleeping cat seems as though it’s restless, waking it should help.

So, why is cat sleeping in closet? Most cats sleep for an average of 15 hours per day.

They usually sleep for around seven hours at night and nap for the rest when they’re awake. Although cats can sleep anywhere, they tend to prefer quiet places with low activity levels.

Cats may also choose to sleep near their owners for security. Some cats will sleep in a closet if it’s dark and quiet enough, and they may do this because they feel threatened or disoriented by changes to the room or environment.

Cats may also sleep in a closet if they’ve been through a stressful event or are ill or in discomfort. Let’s dive into more details about this problem.

Why Is The Cat Sleeping In The Closet?

Cats begin sleeping in closets for various reasons.

This is something that cats naturally want to happen, so it never requires any effort to push the cat out.

It is advised that the cat bed should be in a quiet place where it is free from distractions.

Your cat may be looking for a place to sleep in your closet.

The most essential thing a cat owner can know is that cats are creatures of habit.

Beneficial for Cat Anxiety

Cats may grow anxious when owners are not around, so they may resort to hiding; in a closet or under the bed or furniture, for example.

They dislike sleeping in the bright light of day or in the noise of a busy room, so they may seek out the closet when they can’t settle elsewhere in the house.

It is usual for cats to resort to hiding when fearful or anxious.

It is usual for cats to resort to hiding when fearful or anxious. This is not only a defensive measure but also a way of escaping aggression from other animals or humans.

The cat will use any nook and cranny available and will curl up to go to sleep or hide in until it’s necessary to come out again.

Cats tend to go and sleep under the bed or in the closet and this can be unsettling at times especially when the owners didn’t put them there.

Cats like having their own space where they can feel safe and undisturbed and therefore they are likely to choose such a place when they need to go to sleep or rest.

Cats usually choose to hide in dark places to rest, and if they feel threatened they may go into a closet or under the bed and stay there until they feel them safe again.

The theory is that a cat will seek to feel safe in a dark, quiet place like a closet; the closed door keeps out others, while the darkness and quietness help the cat to feel safe and to hide from potential predators.

Allows Them to Be Undisturbed

Because they do not want to frighten you or make any noise while resting or sleeping, cats choose such places as closets or under the bed to sleep.

If there are other pets in the house, the cat is likely to want to go to sleep in a closet or under the bed because of possible fighting between them.

This involves going and hiding under a bed or in a closet and being very quiet until they are sure there are no other cats or pets around.

They will make a lot of noise if they are in any possible danger when out, but when they are in their hiding places they like to be very quiet and see what is happening.

This is natural, yet sometimes it scares you when all you hear is silence from a cat that is usually very talkative.

As a result, a cat may hide in a closet or under a bed and stay there until they feel they can come out again.

A cat may relax and go through periods of being quiet sometimes and at other times be very talkative and noisy, depending on their moods.


Because the main room is occupied with people and other pets, a cat may sometimes be able to lie in a closet and go to sleep without being disturbed.

Cats will not appreciate it if there is too lot of noise in the house or if they are disturbed when they are trying to sleep.

They wish to locate a quiet spot in the house to sleep in, so that they can feel completely secure and enjoy a good night’s sleep without interruptions.

This is why cats are often seen resting in quiet places like under a bed or in a closet.

Because they remove all of the clothes from their closets, add some storage boxes and a couple of baskets, they can turn their closet into a bedroom.

Prefer Darker Resting Places

If you notice a cat that likes to spend time in your closet, do not be alarmed.

Instead, focus on the positive side of this situation by not only helping your cat feel as comfortable as possible in the closet, but also by making sure that your cat is safe and secure from any potential hazards.

The location in your closet should be free from any open shelves or areas where the cat could become stuck or hurt itself in some way.

It has three walls providing it with a deep sense of security.

This is the ideal resting place for a cat that feels insecure or is frightened.

This impulse remains strong even when these cats become adults, and they will frequently choose closets as their preferred places to sleep when they feel threatened.

They also choose comparable environments to feel safe when they are scared.

If your cat is sleeping in your closet, you have nothing to worry about.

Because of this, the closet can also provide a secure area where the cat can hunker down and rest quietly without becoming visible to curious humans or other pets.

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Now you know why your cat is sleeping in your closet. If you find this unacceptable or upsetting, you can try changing the location or removing your cat’s bed from the closet.

However, one possible explanation may be that your cat is simply feeling scared or insecure about a new person moving into your house or a change in the household.

If you’ve recently adopted a new cat or introduced a new baby into your home, your cat may feel the need to hide out in the closet temporarily until they get adjusted.

If so, this is likely a temporary issue and your cat will eventually get used to the new arrangement.

Morever, cats are sleeping in closet that let them feel safe.

To solve this problem, locate an alternative place for your cat’s bed where it’s visible and accessible to you.

These beds include a roof, which enables the cat to retreat into a cozy tent and feel safe – while still allowing the owner to observe and interact with the cat from within the tent.

Don’t use a regular cat bed or cat sack in your closet – unless you plan to regularly observe and interact with your cat from the closet.

You’ll have to think beyond simply putting a cat bed in your closet – because cats see the closet as a place to hide from predators and people.