Are Orange Maine Coon Cats Rare?

Due to their similar colorings, the orange Maine Coon is frequently confused with the ginger Maine Coon. However, these stunning felines are a sight to behold. It’s difficult not to be charmed by their beauty when they gaze at you with their gleaming eyes. Orange Maine Coon cats are uncommon and often confused with ginger … Read more

Do Maine Coons Have Oily Fur?

We tend to visualize lines of matted fur and pulleys when thinking of cats with oily fur. Some cat breeds, however, have more oils than others that are more natural. This creates a kind of greasy fur. For what greasy is and what is not, each species has its threshold. Do Maine Coons Have Oily … Read more

Should A Maine Coon Cat Be Shaved?

It’s best if you don’t shave your cat. Shave your pet should only be done if required since it can cause additional damage than high-quality. For example, with the best intentions, pet parents cut off their Maine Coons, but this can be harmful to the cat’s fur in addition to general wellbeing. When cats’ fur … Read more

Can Maine Coon Cats Have Blue Eyes?

Can Maine Coon Cats Have Blue Eyes? Maine Coon cats are recognized for their enormous muscular bodies, bushy tails, and long, luxurious coats. Their beauty is enchanting, and it’s common to find yourself staring into the eyes of a Maine Coon, wondering what this extremely intelligent, friendly cat breed sees when they look at you. … Read more