Why Does My Cat Sleep Between Me And My Husband?

Your cat’s behavior has always been a source of concern to you.

You’re here for it, and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make your home and your life happier and healthier. Your cat’s behavior can be affected by many factors.

So, why does my cat sleep between me and my husband?

Your cat loves sleeping with you because it feels safe there.

Cats often sleep with their owners because they feel protected by their human’s body heat. They also like being close to their owners because they are less vulnerable when sleeping close to someone.

Finally, cats feel safe sleeping with their owners because they get attention all the time. However, your cat won’t sleep with you all the time.

For example, if your baby is crying or your husband is snoring, your cat will prefer sleeping somewhere else.

Why Does My Cat Sleep Between Me And My Husband?

Scared of Regular Sleeping Spot

Cats are often afraid by particular sights or sounds when sleeping in their regular spot (usually the bed).

This fear can cause them not to feel completely secure when they are on their regular spot at night.

They may feel insecure because of certain movements made by people nearby while they are asleep such as walking around the room, coughing, sneezing, or even talking in their sleep.

These sounds can scare them and make them prefer a different sleeping location where they can feel safer.

Seeking Security

Cats may seek shelter in groups so that they can feel secure and safe even when sleeping alone.

When they feel threatened or when they want to be protected, they may cling to a person or another animal and sleep next to them rather than feeling safe in their usual place (the bed).

For example, they may choose to cling to you and cuddle while you are watching TV instead of sleeping in their usual spot on the bed.

If your cat feels insecure about a certain situation or about a certain sound (such as the baby crying), it may prefer to sleep in between the bed and the wall instead of on the bed itself.

This is probably because the wall is a more secure place than your bed where you may feel more vulnerable at times (e.g. you are more vulnerable when you are awake than when you are asleep).

Also, it is likely to be quieter in the wall than in the bed because people are more active in bed than in a wall.

Separation Anxiety

Some cats may exhibit separation anxiety when they are left alone.

They may become very anxious and cry a lot when they are separated from you. They may even refuse to eat when you are not around.

This may cause them to be extremely attached to you. They may want to sleep in the bed so that they can always be close to you even if they cannot be with you at all times during the day.

When they feel like they cannot rely on you to be there for them, they may feel that they need to cling onto someone else instead, such as your bed.

They may also choose to sleep in between the bed and the wall instead of on the bed itself for the same reasons.

They will feel safer in the wall than in the bed because it is easier to escape from the bed when it is occupied than from the wall when it is empty.

Thus, a cat suffering from separation anxiety may choose to be closer to you in its sleeping space while getting away from its “home” in its waking space.

It is very common for cats to exhibit signs of anxiety when left alone or when their routine is disrupted.

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Final Words

Cats may begin to sleep on your bed because it is the most secure and comfortable place for them.

They may also choose to be near you because it makes them feel safer and less vulnerable.

However, these reasons do not always explain everything when it comes to why your cat sleeps between you and your spouse.

It can be helpful to explore other possibilities that may influence why your pet prefers certain places over others when sleeping.

It is essential to get an excellent cat tree for your cat to feel secure and safe while sleeping at home alone.