Why Is My Cat Peeing On Wet Towels?

Your cat’s urination is a common concern many homeowners face.

While the cause of your cat’s behavior can vary, you can figure out how to prevent it. In some cases, your aim will be eliminating whatever triggers your cat’s behavior.

So, why is my cat peeing on wet towels? If you’ve noticed that your cat starts peeing on wet towels after you’ve washed them, you might be wondering why.

Cats often urinate on wet things because they’ve sensed a smell. In this case, the scent might be your detergent or fabric softener.

Sometimes, cats may pee on wet fabrics because of allergies or stress. If your cat continues to pee on wet towels after you clean them, you can get an enzymatic cleaner to eliminate the smell.

Why Is My Cat Peeing On Wet Towels?

This can be frustrating and gross.

However, there’s a simple reason why some cats pee on wet towels. Cats are territorial, and wet towels smell of their scent, which can cause them to feel territorial.

Moreover, wet towels may also contain their scent from the last time they used them, which can trigger territorial behavior. If you have multiple cats, consider separating wet towels from dry ones to reduce the chances of territorial behavior.

Using Fragrances in their Litter Tray

Cats have an amazing sense of smell.

So much so, that humans can only smell one tenth of it. Some of cats’ favorite scents are cinnamon and vanilla.

As a result, some cat owners use cat litter scented with these flavors and fragrances to make their cats feel more at home in their litter tray. In some cases, this seems to work.

When a cat is stressed or anxious, it can pick up on scents in the air. Similarly, if a cat smells a familiar scent when urinating, it can feel more comfortable.

However, the scientific evidence on whether a cat can smell these scents is still inconclusive. Additionally, using fragrances in the litter tray can be harmful to the health of cats.

Some fragrances contain chemicals that can be toxic to cats if they ingest them or if they inhale them while they are in the litter tray.

As a result, if your cat is acting strange or has unusual behavior in its litter tray, it’s best to use unscented cat litter.

The Cat Litter is Too Hard

For this issue, you should buy a better cat litter.

There are several types of cat litter to choose from, including clay-based litter, crystal litter, and corn litter. Cat litters are made of different materials, including silica and clay.

These materials absorb moisture and help control the odor of cat urine. However, cat litter can also get very dusty.

The dust can irritate your cat’s eyes, nose, and throat and make it hard to breathe. It can also get into your cat’s eyes, causing irritation and infection.

Corn litter is made from corn kernels and cornstarch. It’s lightweight and dust-free but can cause litter box tracking.

Crystal litter is made from silica gel, which is heavy but dust-free. It also doesn’t track like corn litter, so it tends to be more absorbent.

Finally, clay-based litter is made from clay and absorbs moisture well. It’s lightweight and doesn’t track.

However, clay-based litter can clump easily. This means your cat may have trouble digging a shallow hole and reaching the bottom of the box.

If your cat has trouble using this litter, try switching to another type.

Their Litter Tray is Soiled

Cats love to sleep on soft beds, but cats hate to be dirty and smelly.

Therefore, cats prefer to sleep in clean beds. If cats sleep on wet towels, there is a possibility that cat will pee on wet towel or wet tissue because cat doesn’t like to be wet.

If cat pees on wet towel or wet tissue, it may hurt cat’s sensitive paws because it may slip off wet towel or wet tissue.

If cat pees on wet towel or wet tissue, it may ruin our hand towel or tissue because cat’s urine is very strong.

If cat pees on wet towel or wet tissue, we may get sick because cat’s urine is not clean. If cat pees on wet towel or wet tissue, it may cause our wet towel or wet tissue to rot by cat’s urine because cat’s urine will rot wet towel or wet tissue.

If cat pees on wet towel or wet tissue, we may get sad because cat is peeing on wet towel or wet tissue.

If cat pees on wet towel or wet tissue, it may hurt cat’s paws because it may slip off it and the cat may get injured.

The Cat is Stressed

Cats can take a lot of stress, but sometimes it gets to a point where the cat can no longer hold it in and needs to let it all out.

Some cats pee on carpet, bedsheets and clothes when their stress is too much to handle.

This can be very messy and annoying for the owners as wet towels need to be changed frequently and the carpet needs to be cleaned as well.

This behavior usually is because of anxiety, boredom or frustration. When a cat is not feeling well or stressed out it tries to relieve itself by urinating on the wet towel.

It has Urinary Tract Infections

Cats have Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) 2-5% of the time.

UTIs are infections of the urinary tract. They are caused by bacteria that get into the bladder and urethra.

They usually cause mild symptoms in cats, such as frequent urination, straining to urinate, and urinating outside of the litter box.

However, if left untreated, UTIs can cause serious complications, such as kidney damage.

Keeping cats indoors and taking them to the vet regularly can help to prevent UTIs. However, if your cat has UTIs, it’s best to take it to the vet immediately for treatment.

Your Cat is Old

Cats usually begin to urinate on wet towels when they are anxious or stressed.

However, not every cat does this. In fact, some cats never pee on wet towels.

Your cat may be urinating on wet towels because he is lonely or depressed.

How to Stop Cat From Peeing On Wet Towels

Train the Cat

Some cats, particularly if you have relocated, may be confused about where they should go to the bathroom.

Teach them where it is by giving them treats for using the litter box and reward them when they use it appropriately.

Take them for walks outside to reinforce that it’s the correct place for them to go to relieve themselves.

If this is a behavioral issue rather than a medical one, you will need to be patient and consistent in your efforts to train your cat to use the toilet instead of the towel.

Consult a Vet

Urinary tract infections are frequent in cats, particularly older animals and those with certain health conditions.

It is sometimes possible to treat these infections with antibiotics prescribed by your vet.

Clean the Litter Box

Some cats like to pee on wet towels, but you can stop this behavior by simply cleaning the litter box regularly.

Cats are very clean animals, so they need a clean litter box. Otherwise, they can develop an aversion to using it and pee elsewhere.

However, some cats may be reluctant to use a litter box if it’s not clean. In that case, it’s best to clean it daily so your cat can use it again.

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In conclusion, cats sometimes pee on wet towels because they are trying to remove their scent.

If a cat is afraid, it may pee on your belongings in an attempt to hide its scent from predators. If your cat is peeing on wet towels, you should talk to your vet about ways you can relieve their stress.

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